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About Ripon

Ripon, on the site previously known as Murphy's Ferry, Stanislaus City, & Stanislaus Station, was renamed for Ripon, Wisconsin, which was itself named for a city in Yorkshire, England.

Ripon, or "The Jewel of the Valley", prides itself on its small-town atmosphere and abundance of parks and wide, shaded streets. Ripon has a well-documented history with slow and steady growth to its nearly 15,000 inhabitants.

The Chamber of Commerce hosts an annual Almond Blossom Festival to celebrate the city's agricultural identity. The Clarence Smit Museum and Vetera's memorial museum preserve the rich story of Ripon's roots.

Students are served by five Kñ8 elementary schools (self-contained at all grade levels), and one high school by Ripon Unified School District, located in the Central Valley. All schools have API scores above 700. Three of the elementary schools have API scores above 800.